Beware of Designer Handbags Wholesale List Fraud – How to Find Sources For Authentic Bags and Purses

There are lots of design handbag providers frauds taking place on the internet, but beware of wholesale listing scam particularly today. You may either spend a good deal of time and cash into years of study, such as many have done, or you are able to conserve the trial and error by following a few basic tips to avoid falling prey to the particular designer purse scam. Follow these basic actions to prevent the scam ถุงผ้า!

For all those of you who’ve bought or are considering buying those “wholesale lists” which are being sold on eBay and other sites, allow me to save you a hard earned cash…beware of designer purses wholesale listing scam…those lists are a complete SCAM!

Consider it: why do people give out their closely-guarded wholesale purse resources for seven dollars?

The ANSWER: They have not put any EFFORT to the wholesale listing; it is packed with GARBAGE! They probably moved to an internet search engine such as Google, typed the phrase “wholesale purses” from the search box, then threw the first 20 effects on a bit of newspaper and called it a wholesale list. Save yourself the seven dollars and a whole lot of aggravation and beware of designer purses wholesale listing scam by being educated!

Lets be fair here, in case you believe that you will locate designer handbags at wholesale that you could buy without needing to buy a minimum amount (with the exclusion of drop-shippers), then I’m sorry to say but such a wholesaler simply doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing for a designer handbag wholesaler that will allow you to buy 1 bit at a time for private usage. Consider it for a moment…why then could there be Gucci boutiques in case individuals could buy Gucci handbags, 1 bit at a time, at wholesale rates? It absolutely does not make sense, and it is naive to think that such a record exists.


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