A Brief History in Religious Jewelry


While in our civilization now jewelry functions mostly a decorative purpose, jewelry may serve different purposes too. Jewelry is used to symbolize social or official status, age, marital status, and tribal design. Actually, among the very earliest uses of jewellery was supposed to reveal religious affiliation. Listed here are the key civilizations that started using spiritual jewelry as well as also the typical symbols and uses of the jewelry Religious Jewelry .


Egyptian Spiritual Jewelry

Spiritual jewelry in Ancient Egypt was quite symbolic. Some frequent symbols in Egyptian spiritual jewelry comprise the scarab (beetle), lotus, serpent, falcon, along with the eye. The scarab is a sign for good fortune and resurrection while the “Eye of the Horus” signifies recovery. A frequent symbol of this time known as the “Ankh” is intended to be a symbol of eternal life. Spiritual jewellery was extravagant, comprising stone and semi-precious stones and have been worn by women and men alike. Whenever the Roman Era came, Egyptian religious jewelry was made from cheaper materials and much more Christian symbols were utilized. When Islam came in Egypt guys were forbidden to wear jewelry. Currently silver jewellery became popular in spiritual jewellery in Egypt. Religious jewelry remains widely utilized in Egypt, but doesn’t have the exact same extravagance since the Ancient Egyptian religious jewelry.

At this time many popular symbols are created which are still utilised in Christian art and jewellery. These symbols include the cross, the rosary, as well as the Christian fish allure. The cross is a sign of God’s love and also a reminder of Christ’s suffering. Rosary beads are prayer beads which started from the Roman Christian world but are currently used medicinally from the Catholic Church (formally approved by the Catholic Church throughout the rosary approbation at 1520). Rosary beads can also be utilized from the Islam and Buddhist religion. This emblem attracted more focus on the persecuted Christians. The Christian allure remains popular now.

Native American dolls

Native American spiritual jewelry was a sign for character, played a part in religious ceremonies, also represented standing. Natural materials were used in their own jewelry such as feathers together with minerals like turquoise and metals such as silver. These organic substances are a reminder of the planet around them. Throughout curing ceremonies and harvest rituals, the people would be careful to wear certain sorts of spiritual jewelry which were the ideal colour, made from the ideal materials, and symbolizing the ideal symbol for this occasion. The jewelry that’s worn by a individual is representative of the various phases of life someone has entered . In a number of tribes teens are initiated into adulthood when they get the religious totem comprising beads, shells, or symbols out of character. Native American spiritual jewelry was given to girls after there early menses and to recently married couples. Religious jewellery has played a substantial role in Native American culture.

Since our civilization now utilizes jewelry mainly for cosmetic purposes we often overlook the origins of jewellery and how, to some cultures, it may get a deeper spiritual significance. Recognizing the significance of this spiritual jewelry in different cultures enables us to find the larger symbolic uses that jewellery may be used for.


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