Change Your Blog into Website, But How?


In a realm where having a site is more than a necessity; lots of men and women are taking the assistance of CMS hide my wp. With a CMS for website is what each one will find quite common over the web but using it to get a site doesn’t offer you a professional impression. However, what can a novice do if he doesn’t have sufficient cash to accumulate a site? The most frequent CMS utilized is WordPress and many attempt to work out their site through it just. People have begun using WP because their site. Not just freelancers and people even many businesses set up their internet presence via WP only.

There aren’t many tips which could enable you to make few adjustments on your WP to provide it a site look & feel. There’ll be some very simple and straight working hints that the blogger or create could employ to make sure that his site does not resemble a blog. Before beginning we have to bear this in mind it’s tough to conceal your site look as a WP site but we could focus on to minimize it is this appearance.


It is possible to change the names of the sidebar that’s a big source from WP. The default titles of the sidebar such as ‘Blogroll’, Archive’ etc. can be changed based on the requirement.

Even in the event that you don’t have any knowledge of the codes the WP codes are extremely straightforward. You only have to be aware of the fundamentals of how functions are called and how to open and close the IF statement that will assist you customize the codes.


The URLs that could give the website more look like a blog. Wash out the permalinks from querystring driven url and utilize custom urls that could be accomplished easily through the WP dashboard. It’s possible to use De-categorizer which may strip off the category from the url that points to the particular categories on your website.


They are much like categories, but offer a broader interrelationship between posts.

Tags are the keywords which enable the user to observe posts related to that keyword, while clicking on them. Tags also provide SEO benefits, as they help Google and blog directories properly categorize your blog’s pages. So inspite of such a potent relationship with Google I won’t suggest you to include it in your web page. However, you may use it in blog section of your site.

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