Do You Stutter on the Trombone?


This post will certainly offer beneficial information in order to help to better one’s control of stammering on the Trombone. I am going to review a condition that numerous brass gamers (including myself) have dealt with. It is referred to as the VALSALVA MANEUVER, a condition that triggers stuttering. If you don’t stutter on the Trombone, than this short article is not meant for you. It is planned for people who are having trouble starting a note on the Trombone during difficult circumstances. Stuttering is a very complex subject, as well as the solutions are so many that I can just note a couple of in this short article sarah morrow solo.


Band instructors that have actually trombone trainees (or other brass instruments).

Other brass players who stutter (french horn, trumpet, tuba etc).

All other Stutterers (songs or otherwise).

Trombone players who have a trouble beginning notes.


Presently you attempt to murmur with the “T” part of TOE, pay specific notice to exactly how the STOMACH MUSCLE (the tummy muscle) obtains triggered as well as tightens up. Aim to whisper TOE even louder and discover exactly how the throat and also tongue tighten up as well. Possibly you likewise noticed the muscles in the anus tightening up. These are the muscle mass of the Valsalva Network.

After attempting the above exercise a couple of times, I desire you to attempt including a 5th step: After getting stuck on TOE, completely kick back the abdominal area, paying certain focus on just how the tongue as well as throat follow suit. Notice that when you UNWIND THE ABDOMINAL MUSCLES, the rest of the V.M. network does the exact same. This is a great workout to get touch with those muscular tissues as well as learn to unwind them.

To obtain a sense of a Valsalva muscular tissues and how they collaborate, attempt this exercise: 1. Shut your lips as if saying the word “M.” 2. Keep them lightly closed and also do not let them open apart 3. As you’re keeping your lips shut, aim to whisper the word “TOE.” 4. Remember not to let any type of air leave your lips as you murmur TOE.

When the mind erroneously activates these muscle mass, they work together, tightening up, creating added stress as well as making it practically difficult to begin a note on the trombone. Problems like these typically happen in anxious circumstances (like throughout a solo in band, a quiet passage in band, and even throughout tuning time at a band wedding rehearsal).

The Valsalva Maneuver (V.M. as I will call it currently) is a natural process that happens when muscles in your body produce high levels of air pressure, while holding the air in your body. In normal life, V.M.s happen normally during body functions such as sneezing as well as coughing. But during speech or brass having fun, V.M.s can cause significant problems which trigger stuttering.

The Valsalva muscle mass network (muscles which are utilized in the V.M.) include the throat, tongue, mouth, stomach and also anal muscle mass.

In the remainder of this post, I wish to show you a few of the exercises I have actually obtained from numerous books in controlling the Valsalva Maneuver when doing:


STAYING RELAXED: Keep calm all day long (any place you are and also whatever you are doing) by taking deep loosened up breaths (likewise, try counting 4-8 counts for the inhale, and also 4-12 counts for the exhale). If you are strolling someplace, count your actions as well as breathe to them (see if you could stroll 8 steps while breathing in, and then breathe out for 8 steps). Counting your breathing in rhythmic ways could likewise be done while bike riding, swimming, jogging, as well as numerous other balanced sports.

GETTING RELAXED: 10 minutes of Deep breathing exercises a day. Find a wonderful silent area to take a seat. Take deep, open, kicked back breaths. Breathe large and also loosened up.

WORKOUT: At least 20 minutes of kicking back exercise (in my viewpoint, the best is strolling, but various other excellent sporting activities are swimming, running, cycling, and aerobics). As all of us understand, exercise helps loosen up the body; so use it to your benefit.


EXERCISE WITH NO TONGUE: Practice regarding 15-30 mins daily without the tongue. Many trombonists who stutter (or that do not create a great trombone noise) are not using adequate air flow. When you eliminate the tongue from exercising, it ends up being an issue of “AIR MOVEMENT” to play well. In the future, you can include a soft and relaxed tongue to your playing. Play a couple of ranges, a couple of petal tones, a couple of songs as well as other numerous music without the tongue; after that play them all again much like previously, yet with the tongue. When you add back the tongue, the focus is still on blowing extremely relaxed. We intend to maintain an all-natural air circulation without any pressure anywhere.

FOCUS ON PROPER BREATHING: Constantly guard against using pressure when breathing in. Just enable your body to naturally increase (make certain your abdominal area is constantly kicked back). focus on breathing in kicked back as well as take in plenty of wind (breath in unwinded, burn out more loosened up). When you will begin an audio, relax your abdomen as you blow out. Breathing needs to constantly feel like ONE MOTION OF CONTINUAL BREATH.

PLAY 5 MINUTES ON YOUR MOUTH PIECE: Try beginning a sound just on your mouthpiece. In the beginning, do not make use of the tongue at all (much like in the last exercise). Initial buzz some sirens (begin low as well as siren as much as really high, then back down). Additionally, buzz some simple tunes (or Christmas songs) on the mouth piece without utilizing any tongue. Then play them once again, adding the tongue.


Method at the very least 1 hr DAILY.

Always BREATHE TO INCREASE instead of EXPAND TO TAKE A BREATH. When doing the last (Increasing to Breathe) it is feasible to fool yourself into thinking you’re breathing, when actually you are not.

There are numerous wonderful books written when it come to stuttering (in relation to stammering during speech) that can be actually useful for trombone gamers. I recommend reading all the books you could on the topic.

The Valsalva Maneuver is never ever a good thing for trombone players. A current research has actually revealed that professional trombone gamers never utilize Valsalva in their playing.

When breathing in, you could take notice of the coolness of the throat, which is a good indication if you’re removaling wind in or not. If your throat is feeling great when inhaling, you are possibly removaling lots of wind.

The act of trying not to do a V.M. will certainly make it more likely to take place. Consequently, it is better to simply relent. Don’t make a big deal from it if it takes place. Instead aim to unwind and remember what you were doing as well as believing right before it occurred. When you get home, quickly write in your journal anything that you discovered. Were you as well strained? Did you take in tight? Were you stressed that other individuals might laugh at you? List everything that enters your mind.

Every one of these pointers I’m showing you are for technique, not efficiency. When performing you should go on exactly what I call “Automatic Pilot” which implies that you leave it to your subconscious mind to do the information (that you exercised so hard on). This enables you to focus on making music! Throughout efficiency, if the focus is on technical things like beginning a note, it hinders of more important things like being a great artist.

Count on your own in (silently) when starting a track. Don’t hesitate to tap you toes with the beat in order to help maintain you rhythmically based. You can do it like 1 – 2 – All set – Go. Or even better, do it like: 1e & a 2e & a Ready & a Goe & a. This is called partitioning your beats and also it helps maintain you stable. Always maintain a constant tempo, even if you stutter.

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