Natural Ways to Stop Underarm Sweating – 4 Cures For Too Much Sweat


I don’t condemn you for trying to find natural means to stop underarm sweating. Criterion roll-ons could create itching as well as burning and could also be connected to breast cancer. In this post, I’ll share with you 4 natural techniques that you could use today armpits itch.


Rock Crystal

The very first way is to make use of rock crystal. This is a natural mineral that you can rub on the underarms and will certainly obstruct the pores.

You can get it from a lot of health shops as well as some pharmacies.

Bicarbonate Of Soda

This is something that you can try today, if you have this ingredient in your cooking area.

Simply rub or work it into the impacted areas then rub out any kind of residue with a dry cloth.

You could think about it as being similar to talc, other than that it will not go “mushy”.

Tomato Bath

I recognize this seems insane but if it functions after that why not? I recognize that some people speak highly of this.

What you do is to run a bath as well as add 2 cups of tomato juice.

Saturate for around 10 minutes.

This all-natural method is intended to both decrease the quantity of sweat that is sweated however also neutralise any kind of bad microorganisms and also body odors.


This is an all-natural method although it does involve electricity. 2 wet sponges are placed under the arms and also a mild electric current is passed, it is not expected to be unpleasant.

After a couple of 20 mins sessions, your sweating is completely stopped for a few weeks till a repeat session is required.

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