How Secure Is the IP in Your Business?


IP is obviously an intriguing discussion with company owners. As a service supplier of logos and layout material IP Stresser, I suggest that company owners trademark logos.

Why? If you need persuasive then below are a few potent case studies to review. This is my choice of the listing.

Kristy Andrusko originally opened her business in 2003 under the company name of Lush Puppy. Lush Puppy was created from Kristy’s want to fill out a niche in the marketplace for awesome pet care products, such as beds, collars, and pet style.

Kristy began a wholesale company selling her products to retail outlets prior to launching her own retail shop in Daylesford, Victoria.

In 2004, Lush Puppy’s retail shops started with much bravado as Channel 10’s small business application, Bread TV, followed Kristy’s start-up travel. With this vulnerability, Lush Puppy had a enormous start, selling from many products inside the first two or three weeks.

However, success turned to stress when, after ten days of operation, Kristy was sent a letter by the legal advisor of some other business informing her that her company name was infringing another organization’s registered trademark and that legal action would result if she didn’t cease trading under the Lush Puppy name.

“We registered our own small business names, the domain name, and we secured trademarks over The Blonde Room both in Australia and overseas. I applied using het Madrid Protocol system, which meant we only had to make 1 application, nominate the countries in which we wanted trademark protection, and pay 1 set of fees. In spite of this protection we have had many instances of infringement.”

“I am fortunate that my clients are normally the people who find out about it and bring it to my attention. This has happened on a few occasions, and I believe it’s very important to act quickly before things escape hand. Usually it takes a couple of stern legal letters to do the trick and eventually the infringer will see the error of their ways.”

Recently, however, his solicitor was made to warn two infringers of Giavis’ trademark protection. “In 1 case on the north coast of New South Wales, I discovered a salon trading under my name, but it looked like it was a home-based small business. A polite letter from me worked there,” he states.

“It can be tough to police the current market, but you want to be vigilant in checking it and defending your rights.

For the record, the Next Marketing brand is a registered trademark in Australia.

See more of the case studies here.

Jo Macdermott is the Chief Marketing Consultant at Next Marketing in Melbourne. She has 15 decades of marketing experience, is a Certified Practising Marketer, and is a sought after marketing media commentator. Her team at promoting agency Next Marketing can help you devise a marketing strategy, implement a social networking plan, and her highly talented graphic designers work alongside her marketing and advertising pros to construct a good marketing program which can allow you to attract more customers, expand your business, and build momentum for many months to come.

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