The Benefits of Soft Dog Crates


Soft dog crates are easy for anyone to use and provide comfort to your canine companion. They weigh less than conventional, hard dog crates and store a lot easier, as well. When the crate needs cleaned, it’s as simple as throwing it into a washing machine – no more worries about whether your dog crate is sanitary or not.


The soft dog crates from aren’t limited to only indoor use. You can set them up outside as well, so that your canine friend can enjoy a beautiful day with you in safety. Soft-sided crates are especially helpful for dogs who are overly energetic or spooked easily. A dog is less likely to injure themselves in a soft crate than they are in one made of metal or hard plastic.


A lot of soft crates are easily collapsible, so they store much easier than conventional crates. You can store them in a closet or behind a door without taking up too much room. Soft dog crates also tend to be designed to be more ventilated for your pet, so they can rest in comfort during hot summer days while you’re at the beach or having a cookout. The traditional crates tend to hold heat and may quickly become uncomfortable for your pet on hot days.


Some soft dog crates even have expandable sides, unlike traditional hard plastic crates. This means that you can give your dog more room in the crate to stretch out when you must contain them for a long period of time. Most soft crates are made of water resistant and scratch resistant material, as well, ensuring that your pet doesn’t become exposed to inclement weather – and also cannot rip through the material, if they’re a more rambunctious pup. All in all, there are plenty of benefits to using a soft dog crate as opposed to the traditional, hard plastic variety.

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