Golden Oldies Party Ideas to Relive the Good Old Days


If you prefer the gold oldies theme, you are likely an adult. It is fun and simple to have a gold oldies celebration. Pick your age but do not be worried about mixing them up. You may take a swinging sixties party or simply allow your visitors decide on a period of time between the twenties and the sixties that they enjoyed best Partyband.


Golden oldies d├ęcor ought to be plastic and vibrant since that has been the anger of the moment. The sixties were all about curvy and curved furniture and art pieces so pull out your mother or grandma’s older things. Lava lamps would be the rage in the 70’s so in the event you are able to get your hands on a couple of them they will increase the atmosphere. Plenty of things on your parent’s loft is most likely just the item you want. For ladies, heap long hair high in your head or use short hair smooth and wear a polka dot hair ring.

Have a lot of gold oldies soundtracks and exhibit your eight monitor in case you’ve got one. Round vibrant plastic bowls filled with snacks and popcorn need to be set round the space. Make certain there’s a dance-floor also, so that your guest can float out moves to each of their old favorites.

Food may be easy but bring components in from the times of the golden oldies – provide your guests pop pops or floats, which can be essentially colas with ice cream inside them at a tall glass. 70’s principles like quiche and fondue may also go down well with guests.

Possessing a ‘Golden Oldies’ celebration is a terrific way to

about yesteryear. The thoughts above are just starting stage – throw a couple more in the mix along with your party will be unforgettable.



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