Yandere Simulator – A Stealth Video Game For The PC


She’s in love with her mature, senpai and wishes to achieve his focus by any way possible. It’s fairly a special game having a addictive gameplay and excellent graphics. But it’s still in development phase and till it has finished, it is going to be somewhat buggy roblox song ids.


The Idea

Ayano Aishi includes a massive crush on her senpai and desires his love. But she is a little reluctant to speak to him straight. And, to make matters harder, it feels like her senpai is very popular as other women in the college are also attempting to get near him. Ayano must remove her competition, and she is able to use all probable ways to achieve that. Even blackmailing and murdering other women is permitted. But she must perform these assignments softly, when nobody is looking at her. So, includes the stealth component.

What is in it for your gamers

Due to its high school play component, the game is very popular with the teens. But, that does not prevent some grown-up video players from playing the sport. The gameplay is great in spite of the fact that the sport is quite filled with bugs. To progress from the game players need to jobs which are rather immoral in the actual world. Players need to complete the jobs without leaving any traces. Otherwise, Ayano will get captured and the match finishes.

The game is very comprehensive and relates quite far to the actual world. As an instance, there’s a societal component in the sport which we are living in a huge group, we do not wish to get captured to your wrongdoings, etc..

The sport Isn’t complete

The developer of this game has made the beta version available on the web for downloading and setup without having to spend any penny. Just stop by the official site to download the sport. The download file is truly the game launcher with which you could also upgrade the game. The game programmer usually makes the upgrade available after fourteen days.

Considering that the sport remains at analyzing stage, players encounter very many bugs, mistakes. Sometimes, the sport launcher does not work and at times the game crashes. Additionally, you won’t ever win the game since it isn’t complete yet.



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