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Bangkok Travel Guide

Thailand also brings the people who reveal their curiosity in the background. Even Thailand delivers the miscellany of culture operating at a parallel; subtropical town life, bar, bars, unhurried shore flows along with the refuge of Buddhist lifestyle. Today Thailand is now traveler’s dream destination bangkok to koh samet.


Thailand is famed for its exciting cities and amazing beaches. Chiang Mai is located in centre of north. It’s quite lovely and historical town. Attraction of the town is Buddhist temples which scatter the entire sky with glistening gold. The most significant spot for visitor would be Wat Chiang Mun temple that is situated inside the old city walls. If you venture in south area of Thailand shouldn’t overlook Ayutthaya and Sukhotahi. Both towns have been categorized as Worlds heritage Websites because of their hundred amounts of old and superbly preserved Buddhist temple. This temple is famed for 46 meter long statue of reclining Buddha and the significant selection of Buddhas from the nation. Each year a great deal of vacationers had to stop by Lopburi as well as the Kanchanaburi city. Both cities are in the fundamental Thailand area.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is still a fantastic tourist destination, it’s fairly distinct from north and west established cities. Bangkok is world renowned for supplying the range from museum to nightlife to the people. It can be quite debilitating whilst attempting to get around Bangkok. Kra Isthmus is famed because of their a number of the very filmed beaches on earth. For younger travelers Ko Pha Ngan is famed for its routine moon festivals around the sparkling shores.

Go to Thailand is quite easy going and relaxing experience. Everything can be found from simple to lavish at reasonable price. Weather of Thailand is always glowing and the average temperature is about 25-30 degree Celsius. For much more comfy holiday to Thailand, you have to keep travel guide with you to get all of the tourist information, travel agencies and travel destinations to your own budget traveling.

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